May 9th Off

Happy Mothers Day

May 16th Sunday 10:00 am

Manilla Chapel

Englewood, TN

May 16th Sunday 6:00 PM

Chestuee Baptist Church

Madisonville, TN

May 23rd Sunday 10:00 AM

Bethel Baptist Tabernacle

Pastor Appreciation

Cleveland, TN

May 23rd Sunday 6:00 PM

North Englewood Baptist Church

Englewood, TN

June 6th Sunday 10:30 am

Mt. Liberty Baptist Church


Murphy, NC

June 6th Sunday 6:00 PM

First Baptist Church

Murphy, NC

June 13th Sunday 10:00 am

Walnut Grove Baptist Church


Decatur, TN

June 13th Sunday 6:00 PM

Heavenly Visions Church of God

Cohutta, GA

June 21st Off

Happy Fathers Day

June 27th off

July 11th Sunday 10:00 am

Good Hope Baptist Church


Decatur, TN

July 15th Thursday 6:45 PM

Singing Echoes Anniversary Singing

with Gold City and the Singing Echoes

Cleveland, TN

July 18th Sunday 10:00 AM

Four Point Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

July 25th Sunday 9:00 AM

Goodwill Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

August 1st Sunday 11:00 am

Fairview Baptist Church


Rockyface, GA

August 8th Sunday 10:00 AM

Parkway Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

August 15th Sunday 10:00 AM

Concord Union Baptist Church


Evansville, TN

August 22nd Sunday 10:00 AM

Oak Grove Baptist Church

Madisonville, TN

August 29th Sunday 11:00 AM

House of Prayer

Villanow, GA

September 5th Sunday 11:00 am

Goodfield United Methodist Church


Decatur, TN

September 19th Sunday 10:00 AM

Lebanon Valley Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

September 26th Sunday 10:00 AM

Union Grove Baptist Church

Old Timers Day

Decatur, TN

October 3rd Sunday 10:00 AM

First Baptist Church of Murphy

Murphy, NC


October 3rd Sunday 6:00 pm

Enotah Baptist Church

Hiwassee, GA

October 8th Friday 7:00 PM

Clinton Gospel Barn

Clinton, TN

October 10th Sunday 10:00 AM

Agapee Baptist Church

Chatsworth, GA

October 17th Sunday 10:00 AM

Stevensville Baptist Church

Englewood, TN

October 17th Sunday 6:00 PM

Redemption Baptist Church

Riceville, TN

October 24th Sunday 10:00 AM

Bethsadia Baptist Church

Decatur, TN

October 31st Sunday 10:00 AM

Cane Creek Baptist Church

Etowah, TN

November 7th Sunday 10:00 am

Beacon Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

November 14th Sunday 11:00 AM

City Park Chapel Church of God of Prophecy 

Athens TN

November 21st Sunday 10:00 AM CT

Bible Connection Ministries

Crossville, TN

December 5th Sunday 10:00 AM

Journey Fellowship Church

Murphy, NC

December 19th-26th Off

Merry Christmas

​The ​2x2 Quartet