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June 16th Father's Day Off

June 23rd Sunday 10:00 am

Cambria Baptist Church


Delano, TN

June23rd Sunday 6:30 pm

Five Point Baptist Church

Decatur, TN

June 30th Sunday 10:00 am

Lakeview Baptist Church

Athens, TN

June 30th Sunday 6:00 pm

Prospect Church of God

Cleveland, TN

July 14th Sunday 10:00 am

Good Hope Baptist Church


Evensville, TN

July 7th weekend Off*

July 20th Saturday 6:00 pm

Peachtree Baptist Church

Murphy, NC 


July 21st Sunday 11:00 am

Journey Fellowship Church

Murphy, NC

July 21st  Sunday 6:00 pm

Pilgram Baptist Church

Haysesville, NC

July 28th Sunday 10:00 am

Emmanuel Baptist Church

LaFayette, GA


July 28th Sunday 6:00 pm

Hill Crest Baptist Church

Dalton, GA 

August 4th Sunday 10:00 am

Ceder Springs Baptist Church

Old Times and Homecoming

August 4th Sunday 6:00 pm

Turtletown Baptist Chruch

Turtletown, NC

August 11th Weekend Off

August 16th Friday 7:00 pm

Cooks Ministry 

Athens, TN



August 18th Sunday 10:30 am

Pleasant Dale Baptist 


Evensville, TN

August 25th 11:00 am

The Gathering 

Tenmile, TN

September 1st  11:00 am

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Hayesville, NC

September 1st  Sunday 6:00 pm

Philadelphia Baptist Church

Blairsville, GA

September 7th Saturday 10:00 am

Lakeview Baptist Church

Car Show 

Athens, TN

September 8th Sunday 10:30 am

Bethel Baptist Church


Cleveland, TN

September 8th 6:00 pm

Rural Vail Batist Chrch

Madisonville, TN

September 15th Sunday 11:00 AM

Revival Baptist Church


Young Harris, GA 

September 15th Sunday 6:00 pm

Mount. Carmel Baptist Church

Murphy, NC

September 22nd Sunday 11:00 am

Tomalta Baptist Church


Murphy, NC

September 22nd Sunday 6:00 pm

Clayton Baptist Church

Clayton, GA

September 28th Saturday

10 am - 2 pm

Lakeview Baptist Church

Car Show

Athens, TN

September 29th Sunday 11:00 am

Riverside Baptist Church

Chattanooga, TN

September 29th 6:00 pm

Lebanon Valley Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

October 6th Sunday 10:00 am

Walnut Grove Baptist Church

Decatur, TN

October 6th Sunday 6:00 pm

Sonrise Baptist Church

Cleveland, TN

October 13th Sunday 10:30 am

Lakeview Weslyan Church


Rossville, GA

October 19th 10:00 am

Antique Engine & Tractor Show

Calhoun, GA

October 20th 10:00 am

Wilcott Baptist Church

Murphy, NC

October 20th 6:00 pm

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church

Andrews, NC

October 27th Weekend Off

November 3rd  Sunday 9:45 am

Beacon Baptist Church

Cleveland,  TN

November 10th Sunday 10:00 am

Cannan Baptist Church

Chattanooga, TN

November 17th Sunday 11:00 am

Second Baptist Church

Andrews, NC

November 17th Sunday 5:00 pm

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Hayesville, NC

November 24th Sunday 10:00 am

Shady Grove Baptist Church

Murphy, NC

November 24th Sunday 6:00pm 

Cuberson Baptist Church

Murphy, NC

November 27 - December 1st Thanksgiving off

December  Off  whole month


January 12th Sunday 11:00 am

Faith Baptist Church

Blairsville, GA

January 12th Sunday 6:00 pm

Bates Creek Baptist Church

Murphy, NC

January 19th Sunday 11:00 am

Hosanna Baptist Church

Robbinsville, NC

January 19th Sunday 6:00 pm

Bethel Hill Baptist Church

Nantahala, NC

January 25-26 0ff

February 2nd Sunday 10:00 am

Liberty Baptist Church

Tenga, GA


February 15-16 off

February 23rd Sunday 10:30 am

Enothah Baptist Church

Hiawassee, NC

February 23rd Sunday 6:00 pm

Andrews First Baptist

Andrews, NC

March 2nd Sunday 11:00 am

First Baptist Church

Murphy, NC


March 15 - 16 Off

March 22-23 Off

March 30th Sunday 6:00 pm

Cleveland Cowboy Church

Cleveland, TN

April 6th Sunday 10:30 am

Cedar Rock


Jackson, GA

April 6th Sunday 5:00 pm

Vineyard Baptist Church

Griffin, GA

April 13th  Sunday 11:00 am

Old Brass Town Brass Town Church

Young Harris, GA

April 13th Sunday 6:00 pm

Murphy Church of God

Murphy, NC


April 20th Easter Sunday 10:30 am

Grace Baptist Church

Tunnel Hill, GA

April 27th Sunday 10:00 am

City View Church of God

Dalton, GA

May 4th Sunday 10:00 am

Nonaburg House of Prayer


Englewood, TN

May 10-11 Off

May 18th Sunday 11:00 am

Shilo Baptist Church


Decatur, TN

May 18th Sunday 6:00 pm

Calvary Baptist Church

Decatur, TN

May 25th Sunday 10:00 am

Pond Hill Baptist Church


Niota, TN

June 1st  Sunday 10:00 am

Mount Liberty Baptist Church


Murphy,  NC

June 1st Sunday 6:00 pm

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church

Andrews, NC

June 8th Sunday 10:00 am

Manilla Chapel Baptist Church


Athens, TN

June 8th Sunday 10:30 am

Smyrna Baptist Church


Ocoee, TN

June 14 -15 Off Father's Day

June 21-22 off

July 5th-6th Off 4th of July

August 9-10 off

August 30th - 31st Off

September 20-21 off

October 4-5 off

October 18th Saturday 10:00 am

Gordon County Antique

Engine & Tractor Show

Calhoun, GA 

October 25th - 26th Off

November 2nd Sunday 10:00 am

Beacon Baptist Church

Cleveland TN

November 8-9 off

November 22nd -30th off

December All month Off

​The ​2x2 Quartet

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