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The 2x2 Quartet was established in April 2005. Every member
of this group has been involved in gospel music for years.
Jeff is the only original member of 2x2 Quartet!

 In November of 2017 God sent Kendall Hampton to the 2x2 Quartet as their piano player. Mark Colbert joined the group in August 2019 as our tenor singer. In February of 2020 David Lyons became the groups bass singer. Garry Newton became the baritone singer for 2x2 in January 2021.

We have a style and sound that God
brought together by putting us together, and as we all know
when God does something it is done right! Every member of
this group is strictly in it for the ministry.
We hope to reach those who need it the most.
When God calls you to do something for him you better heed
to the call. We understand the sacrifices it takes to do a
ministry for the Lord, but look at what he has done and
continues to do for us. This is the least any of us could do for
him after all we can never repay him for sending his Son to
forgive our sins. Thank you to each and every one of you for
your prayer and support!

The 2x2 Ministries gives 100% every time you see them working
for the Lord! Thru this Ministry we have seen souls saved,
burdens and troubles turned over to the Lord, and lives
changed! We give God all the Honor and Glory for these things!
If you would like for the 2x2 Quartet to be a part of your Service
feel free to give us a call!
God Bless,
2x2 Quartet

David Lyons Bass Singer


Hello I'm David Lyons. I have been singing gospel music for many years. Most recently I traveled for over 9 years with the Willow Creek Quartet out of Georgia. Some of my favorite groups are the Inspirations, Triumphant Quartet, and Gold City. But I love all quartet singing!

I am grateful to join and be a part of the 2x2 Quartet. I pray God will use me and the 2x2 to touch many lives along the way. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and traveling with 2x2 for many years. 


Garry is the newest member of 2x2 Quartet. Garry’s mission is to spread the message of Christ  through music at every opportunity, near and far. We are so glad Garry is a part of the 2x2 Quartet.

Garry Newton

Baritone Singer


Hello my name is Jeff Kelley. I have a
wonderful wife named Kristy and two
lovely kids Nathaniel and Chandler. I
started singing for the Lord when I
was about 4 yrs old in the children's
choir. I knew from the beginning that
this is what God wanted me to do as
my ministry for the Lord. I got saved
when I was 13 and Baptized when I
was 15. I also accepted the call to
preach when I was 15 as well. My one
and only goal is to see those lost
souls come to be with the Lord. When
that happens it is all worth it for me
and for them. I have always loved
singing Gospel music. I started
singing solo, then went with a group
out of Dalton, Ga. I was with them for
about 1 1/2 years and then God lead
Daniel and myself to start our own
group the 2x2 Quartet. I am singing
the part of Baritone and Emceeing for
the group. God is really blessing us
with the harmony and sound that we
have, but don't take my word for it
come to one of our singings and hear
it for yourself! I can guarantee you
will leave it feeling the power of the
Lord. God Bless each and every one
of you, and if you need our prayers as
we need yours just send us an e-mail
and we will gladly add you to our
prayer list!
Your Brother in Christ,
Jeff Kelley

​Jeff Kelley
Singer and Manager


Mark Colbert

Tenor Singer


Hello! My name is Mark Colbert.  I live in Ringgold, GA with my  wife Jessica and 2 little girls Mallory and Hannah.  I felt that I was called To serve the Lord through music at  a young age I would go into my grandparents  Spare bedroom just so I could  Listen to my Papaws records of The Kingsmen Quartet. Then when I was a 17 years old I got my brother and I  in a June Jam that our church In LaFayette. We sang a  song By the Cathedrals called I’m going to live forever. After that they  Wanted to us to sing in church Sunday morning. I have always loved and wanted to  sing in a quartet so Lord open the door  to sing with Willow Creek Quartet in 2008 til  2010. I decided to call it quits for a while to focus on my marriage and to start a family. Then in June I felt that God was dealing with me  To start singing again so I said Lord if this is you  Then have my pastor “Mike Lowery” to talk to me Or mention to me about singing. So as soon as  I got to church my pastor started talking to me  About singing in church and using me. So when I got home I said Lord I know that is you What do you want me to do??? I felt to reach out to 2 people 1st person was  Gary Winningham and the 2nd Jeff Kelly. Why you may be wondering??... Answer I don’t know I told them that the Lord has been dealing with me heavy and I asked if they hear of anybody that is needing A tenor then let me know and they both said that  They would Few short days later Jeff called me and said that  They are looking for a tenor singer There is more to this story so I Jeff and I will tell you later Can’t wait to see everyone of y’all!

Kendall Hampton

Piano Player

Kendall joined the 2x2 Quartet in November of 2017. He was raised in Murphy, NC and has been involved in the ministry for many many years! His father was a pastor of a few churches in the North Carolina area. He learned music in the United States Military. He has been playing the piano for 40 years traveling with gospel groups. He has traveled with groups such as the Keymasters, Southland Harmony, Goss brothers, New Mercies Trio, and the Hymnsmen. Southern Gospel has always been his passion and he does an amazing job on the piano. 

He has lived in 4 states total. North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. He now resides in the state he grew up in, North Carolina. Kendall loves working for the Lord and has a desire to see God move in peoples lives. He works hard to make sure every note and timing is charted exactly right for the songs he plays.

We are grateful God sent Kendall to the 2x2 Quartet and we know he will play his way right into your heart at the 2x2 singings!! 


​The ​2x2 Quartet

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